Pre-Printed Barcode labels are available for use with most library automation systems eg: Amlib, Bookmark, Dynix, E-Library, Microfusion, Metamarc,  Oliver, ResourceMate®3.0 Plus, Oasis, Ocelot, Films etc. Standard non-system specific labels can also be produced.

If you wish to order Dataman pre-printed bar codes:-

Please select and download the appropriate form for your library automation system (see below) then fax or email a completed copy with your School or Library purchase order to Dataman Barcode Systems at:-



Australian Domestic Fax No:- 088 322 7288

International Fax No:- +(618) 8 322 7288

CLICK HERE to find out more about Dataman Bar Code Library Labels  (Includes cost details)

Barcode Labels for books and library specific assets.

Pre-printed barcode labels are now available to suit various popular Library Automation formats using Dataman's durable 40mm x 15mm polylaser labels for books or using our tough Silver Polyester (Mica) material for application on special assets like laptop computers etc.

Bookmark Format Barcode


DOWNLOAD Bookmark (Native format) label order form   

Dynix Format Barcode


DOWNLOAD Amlib/Dynix/ResourceMate® 3.0 Type 1 label order form

Metamarc Format Barcode


DOWNLOAD Metamarc format label order form

Microfusion Format Barcode


DOWNLOAD Microfusion format label order form

Ocelot/Oasis Format Barcode


DOWNLOAD Oasis/Ocelot format label order form   

Standard Format Barcode


DOWNLOAD Generic/Oliver/ResourceMate® Type 2 label order form    



For our Bookmark Ver 9 customers who need replacement barcodes printed of their deleted (unused) items, please attach your Bookmark generated unused numbers file to an e-mail and send it to us with your order.


DOWNLOAD How to generate the Bookmark Ver 9 deleted item list

DOWNLOAD Bookmark Fact Sheet Odering Barcodes Ver 10

For our customers using Bookmark Ver 10, the process is to go to


1. Order barcode labels
Bookmark comes up with your default
Click either o Unused barcodes
or                 o All barcodes in range

If All in range, start number ____________
                 ending number  ____________
Click OK

Please ensure to attach the correct file format "Labels.txt" to your email and NOT the printed list.

Send to:- or

Labels for Assets and Non specific Library items.

For Silver Polyester (Mylar) labels with permanent adhesive backing.

Available sizes 50mm x 20mm; 40mm x 17mm and 35mm x 18mm.

DOWNLOAD Standard Polyester asset label order form


For durable Polylaser 40mm x 15mm asset labels.

DOWNLOAD Standard polylaser asset label order form

Bar Code Specifications for ResourceMate® 3.0 Plus:

Note: ResourceMate® does not generate barcode labels; pre-printed labels are available from Dataman Barcode Systems:

Type #1:  14-digit number with a built-in "check digit"

Format is "Code 39 or Code 128 (recommended)"
14-digit number
Last digit is MOD 10 check digit
1st digit of all patron numbers is 2
1st digit of all items is 3
You can order two sets of labels: one set for your items and one set for your patrons.
Click on the ResourceMate® 3.0 Plus menu then on BarCode Setup... and choose Type 1 under "Barcode Type".

Type #2: Up to 16-digit number:

Bar code number can be any length up to 16 digits
The bar code may also begin with a character
No check digit and no identifier digit for patrons or items
Numbers cannot be duplicated between the patron and items lists-that is, you can't have a patron bar code #1234 AND an item barcode #1234).
Click on the ResourceMate® 3.0 Plus menu then on BarCode Setup... and choose Type 2 under "Barcode Type".

Type #3: Up to 16-digit number beginning with a letter:

Same as Type 2 except the bar code can begin with a letter
The Next button will not be available.  You will have to either type in the bar code letter and number or scan it in.
Click on the ResourceMate® 3.0 Plus menu then on BarCode Setup... and choose Type 3 under "Barcode Type".

Note: If your bar codes begin with a letter but the number portion is always unique, use Type 2.  The numeric portion of the bar code will be stored and scanned. 

It is not necessary to choose Type 3 unless the number portion is only unique within the beginning letter group.





Use type 2.









You have to use type 3


If your needs are not catered for with the standard label order forms listed above please go to the "Contact Us" page and send us details of your requirements.