Bar Code readers suitable for industrial, commercial, libraries and Point of Sale applications.

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NOTE :- The term "Hands Free" is often mistaken for "Portable" or "Cordless". The Bar code scanners illustrated in this section are true "Hands Free" units meaning that if required they do not have to be held or touched to operate, they are usually connected (tethered) to the computer with an appropriate interface cable.

The term "Hands Free" is sometimes referred to as "Presentation Mode".

For "Portable/Cordless" bar code scanners please see separate section.


D-Tech DB-6080 1D CCD Scanner

D-Tech's DB-6080 CCD barcode scanner is simple to set up and provides aggressive reading of linear barcodes. This easy to use barcode scanner is capable of reading barcodes quickly reducing operator fatigue and improving user comfort.

Features include optional IR auto trigger operation that eliminates the requirement to constantly squeeze the trigger when operating the scanner out of the stand, ideal for young student operators.

For users that prefer hands-free "presentation mode" scanning an easy-to-assemble stand increases throughput by incorporating automatic bar code IR detection. This version comes in black and supplied with a tethered USB interface cable (not illustrated) and a Hands Free Scanning Stand. The DB-6080 can be easily lifted from it's stand and used as a hand held scanner when the circumstances require it.

All the above supplied with 3-year Return to Base Replacement Warranty. (USB Cables 1 year Wty).


Please note:- The D-Tech DB-6080 is not a wireless scanner.

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Cipher Labs Model 1504P 1D/2D Corded Area Image USB Scanner

The NEW CipherLab 1504P 1D/2D scanner raises the standard for performance, style, and affordability. An incredibly comfortable design and innovative three-way stand makes it easy to use all day long. The 1504P is able to scan normal everyday 1D bar codes as well as two dimensional (2D) bar codes like QR code, DataMatrix and PDF417. A 60 scan per second state of the art 2D imager ensures instant scan recognition that speeds workflow. No moving parts and CipherLab's reputation for reliability means ultra-low maintenance, giving remarkable low total cost of ownership. Supplied with USB cable plus a three year warranty guarantees years of worry-free service.

The CipherLab 1504P delivers where reliability, durability, comfort, speed, safety, and value matter.


QR Code

                            PDF417                    Library Barcode                      Datamatrix


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The supplied optional smart three way scanner stand makes good sense, is easily adjustable and good looking. The stand works on a vertical surface, on the desktop or elevated for HANDS FREE auto-sense scanning in the workplace, this makes it ideal for use in libraries. If necessary the Cipher 1504P includes user settable options to enhance readability in low ambient light conditions.


The Cipher 1504P is a corded scanner and while not illustrated it uses a USB cable to connect to the host computer, the Cipher 1504P is not a wireless scanner.


 All of the above supplied with Cipher's 3 year warranty.


A lower cost option for conventional 1D only bar code scanning see the Cipher 1500P USB CCD Linear Image Scanner. 

(Appearance is same as model 1504P above).


Cipher Labs 2200 1D/2D Corded Area Image USB Scanner

The Cipher Lab 2200 series have an accelerated scan rate of a snappy 60 scans per second. This high-speed scan rate allows reliable scans of conventional 1D barcodes as used in libraries, QR code, PDF417, and other 2D barcodes instantly. No matter if you are scanning an item from a supermarket or paper/mobile boarding pass or at a library circulation desk, the 2200 series has got your angles covered. Capable of reading low contrast barcodes down to 25% PCS, users can freely scan barcodes that are poorly printed or on reflective surfaces of labels and LCD screens, minimizing customer wait time. Barcodes on dark backgrounds, coupons and loyalty cards, regardless if it’s from mobile phones or not, are all simple reads for the Cipher Lab 2200.


The compact size (150 X 83 X 80 mm) of the NEW Cipher Lab 2200 desktop series makes it the best choice for high performance operations with limited space. Being extremely lightweight at 320g, you may lock the scanner onto horizontal or vertical surfaces by using the optional locking mount brackets thereby allowing a handsfree working environment. With an integrated adjustable stand, the 2200 series can bend forward up to 40 degrees and backwards up to 15 degrees to scan barcodes in awkward angles.


The Cipher Lab 2200 also incorporates a single trigger feature, users can activate the trigger and scan the item like a handheld scanner should the need arise.

With this flexibility,users no longer need to wrestle with scanning difficult to reach items.


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NEXA NC-1200 CCD Scanner

The versatile Nexa NC-1200 is a good all round high performance distance linear imager scanner. The NC-1200 is rugged has good range and is able to read fine resolution bar codes down to 3mil. With it's supplied desk stand it is ideal for almost any low to medium volume application.
While mounted on it's stand the NC-1200 can be set up as a continuous read hands free presentation scanner, the NC-1200 can be easily lifted from it's stand and used as a hand held scanner when the circumstances require it.
This corded version (cable not illustrated) is ideal for use in libraries and comes in black with a USB interface.

Supplied with return to base 3 year replacement warranty.


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NEXA LS6150+ Laser Scanner.

The Nexa LS6150 Laser scanner represents the best value Laser Scanner on the market today. The exceptionally classy design with the easily adjustable and stylish looking hands free desk stand completes the package. The LS6150’s first class bar code auto detection system makes scanning a breeze for all users whether students or adults. (Ideal for young hands.) When installed on the desktop for HANDS FREE scanning the LS6150 is ideal for use on the loans and returns desk in any library.

All the above supplied with 3-year Return to Base replacement Warranty. (USB Cables 1 year Wty)



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NEXA IG-610 Area Image Laser Scanner.

The NEXA IG-610 1D/2D laser spot scanner would be one of the easiest and most convenient to use scanners currently available. The IG-610 can be used to scan conventional bar codes as used in libraries and for assets as well as the NEW two-dimensional QR code and PDF417 bar codes,

Featuring Motorola’s latest advanced scan engine technology the NEXA representative of the NEW direction in bar code readers. Area Image scanning reduces the need to accurately align the scanning beam with the bar code making the task of reading bar codes more like point and shoot, this makes scanning bar codes faster and more convenient. Installation is straightforward HID Plug & Play.

When combined with the IG-610 optional desk top stand (sold separately) and configured for presentation mode operation hands free scanning becomes a delight.

All the above supplied with 3-year Return to Base replacement Warranty. (USB Cables 1 year Wty)



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NEXA BL-8050 Omnidirectional Scanner.

The Nexa BL-8050 Omnidirectional Laser Scanner offers aggressive benchtop scanning at an affordable price point. Great for medium to high volume environments such as convenience stores fruit and veg chemists and more. 

Offers 20 line Omnidirectional pattern scanning for fast and convenient barcode presentation as well as single-line capability when bar codes are close together.

Works perfectly in other environments such as libraries.


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