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 NEWS   May 2018 The Cipher labs 1070 CCD Scanner has been DISCONTINUED

Regretably Cipher have decided to cease supply of the model 1070, the good news however is that the timeless and super reliable Cipher Labs model 1000 touch scanner continues and is still available.

 NEWS   July 2018 The D-Tech DB-5083 Supplimental Guide has been UPDATED


The D-Tech DB-6080 Corded CCD linear imaging scanner for conventional 1D bar code scanning.

Affordably priced at $132.00 incl. GST, the DB-6080 is supplied with USB interface cable and sturdy adjustable hands free stand at no additional cost.

The DB-6080 directly communicates to the host computer via a plug and play USB cable interface and does not require any driver software to be loaded.


. Comfortable to use ergonomic design for Hand Held or Hands Free operation

. High performance 350 scans per second linear imaging scanner

. 2500 Pix sensor resolution 

. Optimised for library and POS applications, HID USB Plug & Play Interface

. Supports all major (1D) planar barcodes commonly used in libraries and asset collections

. Incorporates optional IR auto trigger mode for tireless student friendly trigger free operation

. Can be easily set to work as Presentation Mode scanner when parked in hands free stand

. PC and Mac Compatible


The D-Tech DB-6080 is a tethered scanner and although not illustrated does employ a direct USB cable connection to the host computer, the D-Tech DB-6080 is not a wireless scanner.



The Cipher Lab 2200 series have an accelerated scan rate of a snappy 60 scans per second. This high-speed scan rate allows reliable scans of conventional 1D barcodes as used in libraries, QR code, PDF417, and other 2D barcodes instantly. No matter if you are scanning an item from a supermarket or paper/mobile boarding pass or at a library circulation desk, the 2200 series has got your angles covered. Capable of reading low contrast barcodes down to 25% PCS, users can freely scan barcodes that are poorly printed or on reflective surfaces of labels and LCD screens, minimizing customer wait time. Barcodes on dark backgrounds, coupons and loyalty cards, regardless if it’s from mobile phones or not, are all simple reads for the Cipher Lab 2200.


The compact size (150 X 83 X 80 mm) of the NEW Cipher Lab 2200 desktop series makes it the best choice for high performance operations with limited space. Being extremely lightweight at 320g, you may lock the scanner onto horizontal or vertical surfaces by using the optional locking mount brackets thereby allowing a handsfree working environment. With an integrated adjustable stand, the 2200 series can bend forward up to 40 degrees and backwards up to 15 degrees to scan barcodes in awkward angles.


The Cipher Lab 2200 also incorporates a single trigger feature, users can activate the trigger and scan the item like a handheld scanner should the need arise.

With this flexibility,users no longer need to wrestle with scanning difficult to reach items.

Cipher Lab Model 2200 Omnidirectional USB corded desktop scanner as illustrated $286.00 incl GST.   USB interface cable is included. 


The Low cost D-Tech DB-5083 Cordless CCD Scanner with up to 80m plus wireless range.

Priced at $286.00 incl. GST for the DB-5083 includes Plug & Play USB Transponder, High capacity factory fitted Lithium Ion battery and charging cord.

The DB-5083 communicates to the host computer via its easy to install plug and play USB HID Transponder (dongle), no driver software needs to be loaded.

For stock taking the DB-5083 sports a large memory capacity storage mode for times when data collection is necessary beyond the normal wireless range.


. Up to 80m or better line of sight wireless range from the base transponder

. Fast 300 scan/second CCD linear image sensor

. Storage capacity of up to 100,000 library size bar codes

. 2000mAh capacity lithium ion battery for long periods of use between charges

. Optimised for library use, HID USB Plug & Play Interface

. Supports all major (1D) planar barcodes commonly used in libraries and asset collections

. PC and Mac Compatible


The D-Tech DB-6023 Portable Area Image Scanner for 1D & 2D bar code scanning.

Competitively priced at $396.00 incl. GST, the DB-6023 includes Plug & Play USB cradle/charger.

The DB-6023 communicates to the host computer via its easy to install plug and play USB HID cradle/charger interface no driver software needs to be loaded.



. Comfortable to use modern design

. High performance omnidirectional CMOS array sensor

. Up to 4mil resolution (depends on barcode type)

. 80 metre plus wireless range with remote storage capability.

. Large capacity 2000mAh lithium ion battery for long periods of use between charges

. 36 months return to base warranty

. Optimised for library use, HID USB Plug & Play Interface

. Supports all major 1D & 2D Bar Codes including among others the popular QR code

. PC and Mac Compatible




D-Tech wireless model DB-6083 (Appearance is the same as the DB-6023 above but with DB-5083 performance specs)

For conventional (1D) planar bar codes only see the D-Tech DB-6083 Portable CCD Linear Image Scanner. 

Features now include optional IR auto trigger operation (introduced 2nd Qtr 2018)

DB-6083 amazingly low priced at just $341.00 incl. GST, includes Plug & Play USB cradle/charger.


For more detailed information and specifications see the Standard Bar Code Reader page.

Cipher Labs model 1504P Corded 1D/2D bar code Area Imaging scanner at introductory pricing of $220.00 incl GST.   USB interface cable and adjustable stand are included. 

Complimenting the long established model 1500 the NEW Cipher Lab 1504P 1D/2D speedy scanner raises the standard for performance style, and affordability, reads conventional 1D planar bar codes as used in libraries as well as 2D codes including the popular QR code, An incredibly comfortable design the optional smart three-way scanner stand makes good sense, is easily adjustable and good looking. The stand can work on a vertical surface, on the desktop or elevated for OMNIDIRECTIONAL HANDS FREE auto-sense scanning making it ideal for libraries. 

If required the Cipher 1504P includes user settable options to enhance readability in low ambient light conditions.



The Cipher 1504P is a corded scanner and while not illustrated it uses a USB cable to connect to the host computer, the Cipher 1504P is not a wireless scanner.


All of the above supplied with Cipher's 3 year warranty.


CLICK HERE to get specifications


The Cipher 1500P USB CCD Linear Image Scanner is still available as a lower cost option for conventional 1D only bar code scanning. 




For more detailed information, specifications and configuration downloads see the Portable Bar Code Reader page.

Cipher Model 1560P CCD wireless portable with auto charging heavy duty cradle as illustrated now $473.00 incl GST.   USB interface cable is included. 

The Cipher Labs 1560/62 series supercedes the very successful 1166/1266 models, the price of this simple to use CCD/Laser engine based portable now brings wireless laser scanning within reach and makes the stock taking process even easier. With the bar code clearly defined by the read head projection, alignment cannot be more straight forward.

Cipher Lab's now offer a 3 year manufacturers warranty on the electronics and 1 year warranty on the model 1562 laser head.

Cipher Model 1562 Laser wireless portable with auto charging heavy duty cradle now $682.00 incl GST. USB interface cable is included. 


CLICK HERE to get Specifications