Portable Bar Code readers to suit most Library Automation Systems eg: Amlib, Bookmark, Alice, Oasis, Films,  Oliver,  Liberty3, E-Library etc. These are suitable for use at the loans and returns desk and for library stock taking.

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NOTE :- The term "Hands Free" is often mistaken for "Portable" or "Cordless". All bar code scanners illustrated in this section are true Portable units. For "Hands Free" sometimes referred to as "Presentation" bar code scanners, please see separate section.


D-Tech Model DB-5083 Cordless CCD Scanner.

Ergonomically outstanding, the D-Tech DB-5083 cordless CCD scanner is a high performance wireless bar code reader that is primarily targeted for general library applications that also include data collection and stocktaking, the DB-5083 would also be ideally suited to light duty warehousing, retail and hospitality environments.

With its remote data collection feature the DB-5083 is great value for money. While sporting long periods of usage between charges the factory fitted Li-Ion battery can be periodically charged via a vacant active USB port using the supplied cable. The DB-5083 can still be used for general circulation operations while being charged.

The DB-5083 communicates to the host computer by way of its easy to install plug and play USB HID transponder (dongle) and is PC and Apple Mac compatible, no driver software is required to be loaded.

When used for normal operation the DB-5083 can be freely used wirelessly up to 80 meters or better L.O.S. from the base P.C. but when remote data collection is required, the DB-5083 can be easily set to operate in a batch collection mode that is unrestricted by its wireless range. For intense data collection operations the DB-5083’s enhanced memory is able to store up to 100,000 library/retail sized bar codes for subsequent uploading to the host computer.

L.O.S. (Line of sight).  Environmental conditions will influence absolute wirelss range.



. Easy to operate, eliminates cable clutter

. Up to 80m + line of sight wireless range from the base transponder 

. Fast 300 scan/second CCD linear image sensor

. Storage capacity of up to 100,000 library size bar codes

. Large 2000mAh capacity lithium battery for long periods of use between charges

. HID USB Plug & Play Interface

. Supports all major 1D Barcodes

. Works with Laptops

. PC and Mac Compatible


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D-Tech Model DB-5082 Cordless CCD Scanner.

Using the same scan engine as its popular sibling, the budget priced D-Tech DB-5082 is also ideally suited for general library usage including stocktaking, the DB-5082 would also be a good contender for use in light duty warehousing, retail and hospitality environments.

With its remote data collection feature the DB-5082 is exceptional value for money. While sporting long periods of usage between charges the factory fitted Li-Ion battery can be periodically charged via a vacant active USB port using the supplied cable. The DB-5082 can still be used for general scanning operations while being charged.

Supplied with simple to install plug & play communication transponder (dongle) the DB-5082 is PC and Apple Mac compatible.

In normal operation the DB-5082 can be freely used wirelessly within 10-15 meters line of sight from the base P.C. but when data collection is required beyond the specified wireless range, the DB-5082 is easily commanded to operate in a remote batch collection mode unrestricted by its wireless range. The DB-5082 is able to store normal and practical working size batches of up to 500 library/retail sized bar codes within memory for subsequent uploading to the host computer.

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NEXA NL-1950 Cordless BT Scanner.

The NEXA NL-1950 Premium cordless BT scanner is a refreshingly new release with stylish features, lightweight, high performance and versatility. The beautifully designed NL-1950 is ideal for library usage, light warehousing, retail and hospitality environments.

The NEXA Base Station attaches to the PC via USB cable connection (not illustrated) and performs the function of Bluetooth wireless communicator plus lithium Ion battery charger. When parked in the cradle the NL-1950 functions as a presentation mode hands free scanner.
The NL-1950 barcode hand scanner can be freely removed from the Base Station and used remotely within 90-100 meters line of sight from the base PC. When stocktake data collection is required beyond the specified wireless range, the NL-1950 can be easily instructed to operate in remote batch collection mode. Up to 4000+ library/retail sized bar codes can be stored within non-volatile memory for downloading later to the PC or Mac.

User replaceable battery life rated up to 40 hours between charges, fast high resolution scan capability up to 4Mil.

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Cipher model 1560 & 1562 Cordless - BT Scanners.

The 1560/62 BT scanners are Cipher Lab's current data collection solution.

Maximize productivity and performance with the fast, reliable 1560 linear imaging scanner. The 1560 offers accuracy and efficiency with the reliability of no moving parts for low cost of ownership. Delivering a snappy 200 decodes/second, the 1560's 2500-pixel optical scanner reads multiple symbologies in a single tool and provides auto-sense scanning. A large LED and adjustable tone signal instant scan recognition to speed workflow. CipherLab quality and reliability are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Model 1560 CCD, our most advanced, top-value scanner designed for lasting service  Snappy 200 decodes/second for fast workflow.

Model 1562 - BT Laser version.  


DOWNLOAD Dataman 1560/62 Operating Instructions.

DOWNLOAD Dataman 1166/1266 Operating Instructions.

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What is the difference between the Model 1560 and the Model 1562 ?

While both models are identical in operation and appearance they differ in the technology used internally to read and decode barcodes.

The Model 1560 employs a solid state C.C.D. circuit (Charge Coupled Device) to read the bar code symbol while the Model 1562 uses an oscillating laser mechanism to scan the bar code.

The development of the solid state C.C.D. circuit has allowed manufacturers to reduce the cost of production and this is reflected in the price of bar code readers using this reading technology. The difference in performance today of bar code readers using C.C.D. or Laser is marginal and usually only shows when the bar code readers are used in high ambient light conditions (eg: external daylight) where the Laser usually has a performance advantage. The Laser mechanism can also exhibit a greater depth of field in its scanning ability, in certain operational conditions this can be an advantage.


Cipher model 2564 1D/2D Cordless - BT Scanner.



With raising demands for advanced scanning abilities in many industries such as retail warehousing and light industry CipherLab has attentively designed the durable 2500 series handheld scanner to suit various applications in harsh environments. The Cipher 2500 series are able to deliver superior scanning abilities to speed up the efficiency of data collection. Along with the Cipher 2564's business-rugged durability its high performance is well protected so users can enjoy fast workflow without any worries.


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Model 1661 Cordless Bluetooth CCD Scanner from Cipher Labs.

The 1661 pocket-size scanner is Cipher Lab's handiest data collection solution, combining the features you need in a pocket-size scanner. With a smaller footprint than a mobile phone, the 1661 BT sercann packs a lot of scanning power in a small mobile package. Built-in BT allows instant data scanning to a BT-compatible PDA, notebook, PC or any BT device. It continually operates through multiple shifts on the built in rechargeable battery and when you're out of BT range, 256k of on-board memory holds thousands of scans until you're back in range.

When coupled with Cipherlab's 3610 USB Bluetooth Transponder installation of complete Bluetooth communications is a simple Plug & Play exercise requiring no additional software drivers to be loaded.

DOWNLOAD  Dataman 1661-BT Operating Instructions.



Model 1663 & 1664 Cordless Bluetooth CCD Scanners from Cipher Labs.








CipherLab 1663/1664 Linear Imager Bluetooth Scanner available with or without 3610 HID transponder. This model is an upgrade of the 1661 but has greater memory capacity better robustness and more stylish looks. It's compact size makes it ideal for use with iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch and Android devices.

The model 166#'s are supplied with rechargeable Li-Ion battery for recharging from the USB port.

1663 = 1D barcodes: 1664 = 1D & 2D barcodes

DOWNLOAD 166# Series Specifications.

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NEXA Model CM-520M & CM500W CCD Scanner.

The NEXA CM-520 portable data collector can be used remotely to capture and store thousands of asset or library size bar codes. Supplied with a detachable USB cable the CM-520 can be connected to the P.C. or Mac to easily download collected data.

While connected to the computer the CM-520 can be used as a conventional light duty bar code reader. Power is derived from an on board rechargeable battery (Prefitted) that receives a charge each time the CM-520 is connected to the computer's USB port.

The CM-520 also incorporates an on board clock and can be optionally used to record time & date of individual data scans for auditing purposes as well as other applications.

The CM-500W3 CCD Bluetooth version with all the features of the standard CM-520 version is ideal for use with iPad library systems.


DOWNLOAD CM-520 Set Up and User Guide.



NEXA Model NL-1800 Cordless Laser Scanner.


NEXA Model NC-1250 Cordless CCD Scanner.

The NEXA NL-1800 and NC-1250 are the answer for all those users who are tired of the tangle of cables behind their computers.

The NL-1800 and NC-1250 are outstanding value for money, with exceptional 100 meters wireless range while managing up to 60,000 scans per charge. The factory fitted Li-Ion battery is charged via USB cable, both the NL-1800 and NC-1250 employ state of the art features that outperform more expensive units.

Supplied with simple to install plug & play communication transponder (dongle) and is PC and Mac compatible.

The NL-1800 and NC-1250 can be used while being charged, supports all major 1D barcodes, ideal for use within offices and libraries.

Please Note :- The NL-1800 and NC-1250 are not storage scanners, for this please see the model NL-1950.

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