Pre-printed Barcode labels

Barcode Labels for books and Library specific assets

Pre-printed barcode labels are available to suit a variety of popular Library Automation formats using Dataman’s durable 40mm x 15mm polylaser labels for books and similar assets or using our tough Silver Polyester (Mica) material for application on special assets like laptop computers etc.

We do keep and maintain records of bar code number sequences previously ordered by our established library customers.

As a result of this completed bar code label order forms are not necessarily required for continued ongoing orders.

Simply contacting us by phone  0412 840 637 or email requesting more bar codes by quantity is all that is required in many cases.

Order forms for Barcode Labels

Please select and download the appropriate form for your library automation system enter your requirements then fax or email a completed copy with your School or Library purchase order to:-

Dataman Barcode Systems at:-

or Australian Domestic Fax No:- 08 8 322 7288

If prior assistance is required do not hesitate to call us or send an email.

Bookmark (native format)

Bookmark (Native format) label order form

Amlib/Dynix/ResourceMate® 3.0

Amlib/Dynix/ ResourceMate® 3.0 Type 1 label order form


Metamarc format label order form


Microfusion format label order form


Oasis/Ocelot format label order form


Generic/Oliver/ ResourceMate® Type 2 label order form

Barcode Labels for assets and non specific library items

Silver Polyester (Mylar) labels

Silver Polyester (Mylar) labels with permanent adhesive backing.

Available sizes 40mm x 17mm and 35mm x 18mm. (Polyester labels are supplied on rolls.)

Standard Polyester asset label order form

Durable Polylaser

Durable Polylaser 40mm x 15mm asset labels

Standard polylaser asset label order form

Polylaser Layout Example:-

Polylaser self adhesive labels are supplied on A4 sheets of 90 labels per sheet.

Polylaser Layout Example

You can order by Phone, Fax, or Email

Simply pick up the phone to request the product or service required.