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Ideal for Bookmark and other library automation systems

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Established in 1990 and based in South Australia, Dataman Barcode Systems have maintained their leadership as the premier supplier of barcode readers and barcode labels for Library Automation Systems both Nationally and Overseas.

While the support of library systems like Bookmark; Dynix; Oasis; Oliver; etc, is an important part of our business, we are not restricted to this alone, we can and do supply bar code hardware and labeling services for other commercial applications.


Specialist suppliers of Bookmark library barcodes, Bookmark spine labels and Bookmark compatible barcode scanners to primary school libraries.


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You can order by Phone, Fax, or Email.

We will not be setting up an "on line" ordering system at this time because we far prefer to be in contact with our customers. Simply send us an email requesting the product or service requred.

We are always interested in what you are doing. Also by having direct contact with our customers on items being ordered we are able to advise on what may or may not be suitable.

Payment :-.

Yes, we do like to be paid. Payment can be by Visa, Mastercard, direct bank deposit or Cheque. PayPal is an option for our international customers.


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