Standard Bar Code readers to suit all Library Automation Systems eg: Amlib, Bookmark, Ocelot, Oliver, Liberty3, Alice, E-Library, Films etc.

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*** D-Tech DB-6090 1D CCD Scanner - Hand Held + Hands Free ***

D-Tech DB-6090 Corded CCD linear imaging scanner for conventional 1D bar code scanning.

The DB-6090 directly communicates to the host computer via a plug and play USB cable interface and does not require any driver software to be loaded.


. Comfortable to use ergonomic design

. High performance 350 scans per second linear imaging scanner

. 2500 Pix sensor resolution 

Optimised for  library and POS applicationsHID USB Plug & Play Interface

. Supports all major (1D) planar barcodes as used in libraries and asset collections

. Incorporates optional IR auto trigger mode for tireless trigger free operation

. Can be set to work as Presentation Mode scanner when parked in hands free stand

. PC and Mac USB 2.0 Compatible

USB I/F cable and optional hands free stand included. (Illustrated)



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DOWNLOAD DB-6090 Setup

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*** Cipher Lab Model 1000 series CCD Touch Scanners ***


The very economical Cipher Lab 1000 CCD touch scanner gives high performance at a very affordable price. All major bar code symbologies are supported. The Model 1000 is available with USB interfaces, cables are included and are the most aggressive contact scanners on the market today.

This scanner features new CPU's, new optics and good ergonomic design, all of these features make the 1000 series the scanner of choice for those who appreciate the latest technology and are concerned with price/performance quality. The 1000 has revolutionary optics and features that make the toughest barcodes child's play, this model is ideal for use in libraries. The Cipher Lab 1000 scanner main boards and scan engines are covered by a 5 year return to base warranty

For those users who require a bar code reader for use with a Laptop computer need look no further than the Cipher Lab 1000 with USB interface.




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*** Cipher Lab 1504P 1D/2D Area Image Scanner ***

CIPHER LAB 1504P 1D/2D Corded Area Image USB Scanner.

The NEW CipherLab 1504P 1D/2D scanner raises the standard for performance, style, and affordability. An incredibly comfortable design and innovative three-way stand makes it easy to use all day long. The 1504P is able to scan normal everyday 1D bar codes as well as 2D (two dimensional) bar codes like QR code, Datamatrix and PDF417 . A 60 scan per second state of the art 2D imager ensures instant scan recognition at any angle that speeds workflow. No moving parts and CipherLab's reputation for reliability means ultra-low maintenance, giving remarkable low total cost of ownership. Supplied with USB cable plus a three year warranty guarantees years of worry-free service.

The CipherLab 1504P delivers where reliability, durability, comfort, speed, safety, and value matter.

An optional auto-sense presentation stand is supplied for HANDS FREE presentation mode operation making it ideal for use in libraries. All of the above supplied with 3 years warranty. 

PDF417   QR Code      Datamatrix  Library Barcode                                

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Area Image scanning reduces the need to accurately align the scanning beam with the bar code, the task of reading bar codes becomes more like point and shoot making scanning more convenient and faster.


The Cipher 1504P is a corded scanner and while not illustrated it uses a USB cable to connect to the host computer, the Cipher 1504P is not a wireless scanner.


The Cipher model 1500P USB CCD Linear Image Scanner is still available as a lower cost option for conventional 1D planar bar code scanning only. 

(Appearance is same as model 1504P above).

*** NEXA NC-1200 CCD SCANNER ***


NEXA NC-1200 CCD Scanner

The Nexa NC-1200 is a good all round high performance distance linear imager scanner. The NC-1200 is rugged has good range and is able to read fine resolution bar codes down to 3mil. With it's included desk stand it is ideal for almost any low to medium volume application.

While mounted on it's stand the NC-1200 can be set up as a continuious read hands free presentation scanner, the NC-1200 can also be easily lifted from it's stand and used as a hand held scanner when the circumstances require it.

This tethered version (cable not illustrated) is ideal for use in libraries and comes in black with a USB interface. Supplied with return to base 3 year replacement warranty.

See "Hands Free Page" for illustration of NC-1200 mounted on it's desk top stand.


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The New Nexa IG-610 is a great value handheld 1D (Single Dimension bar code) & 2D (Two Dimensional bar code) Scanner capable of reading among others the increasingly popular QR code.

With a stylish modern design and powerful Motorola scan engine it's at home in any commercial, retail and light warehousing environment.

The one scanner fits all needs IG-610 is not limited to 2D scanning alone but also supports all common 1D (Single Dimension bar code), additionally the IG-610 can also scan from LCD screens such as mobile phones.

A feature of the new area imaging spot scan technology is the high tolerance of scan orientation, this makes scanning more like point and shoot and would especially suit young students.

The IG-610 is robust and reliable plus includes a 3 year return to base replacement warranty.


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QR Code

PDF417Library Barcode


An optional desk top stand is available for the IG-610 with provision available to configure the IG-610 to act as a presentation scanner.An optional desk top stand is available for the IG-610.








*** Honeywell MS5145 Eclipse *** (NOW OBSOLETE)

Eclipse™ is a low cost laser-based alternative to CCD scanners. Its compact form factor and high end feature set simplify its use in a variety of applications at the press of a button.

Honeywell's proprietary CodeGate technology allows the user to easily target the desired bar code and complete the data transmission with a simple press of a button. This makes Eclipse a perfect selection for libraries, menu scanning, point of sale, document processing and inventory control.

The MS5145 Eclipse with USB interface is ideal for working with Laptop computers if required.  Get Pricing

FEATURES MS5145 Scanner
• CodeGate®
• CodeSense®
• Powerlink cables
• Flash ROM
• OPOS and JPOS system compatible



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